Girl! Get Your STRENGTH back! Life Mentorship


Discover and operate your Kingdom identity! 

Equipping you with divine strategies on how to push past blocks and stops and fulfill purpose! 

​Margaret Green has helped countless individuals to become un-stagnant while propelling them to the next level in life both spiritually and naturally. Helping to birth, activate, equip, push, and empower them into their God-given purpose!


Whether it's equipping you with the power tools to overcome and dismantle spiritual attacks of fear, intimidation, anxiety, unforgiveness, hurt, blocks, and hindrances that keep you from moving forward; or tips and strategies to helping you to the author, build, and create a successful book. This mentorship is JUST RIGHT FOR YOU!.


 3 weeks of intensive life-changing coaching and igniting that will help unlock and push you into your God-given identity and purpose! 


Join Prophetess Margaret Green's Exclusive Facebook Group "Hey Sis! I'm Praying For You" A platform that unites sisters across the world in prayer and release words of encouragement to ignite, push, and empower our sisters in every area of life!!!!!
Join Margaret Green's Life Mentorship "Girl Get Your STRENGTH back!"
 Margaret Green partnered up with KATZ Hallelujah 1600 Iheart Radio, Chick 'Fila, and some amazing sponsors to host free book writing camps for kids ages 6-11.!
Margaret Green has helped over 150 amazing kids to become authors! 


​Little Maggie invites you to team KID'S BOOK WRITING camp. Turning today's kids into tomorrow's authors and world-changers! Helping every girl and boy to discover their unique writing creativeness. 

* We teach little girls and boys how to discover their own unique creative voice! 


*We focus on dreams and aspirations looking toward the future as an adult in our "What do you want to be when you grow up" seminar

*Creative talents and gifts that make you amazingly unique from the rest.


*"Being the best YOU" Positive Affirmations




*Respect for you and others around you




Little  Maggie's Kids Book Writing Club/Camp