Pain is not in Vain

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

You may ask... Has God forgotten about me? Does he really care about the things I am facing, the heartache I feel, and the lack of support I have trying to do what he called me to do. Why would he give me an assignment to do only to leave me high and dry? Come on is this really Purpose??? Or is it Pain in vain? 

Yes, sometimes it may feel like after we have received our assignment and we are super excited and geeked about it only to run into a traffic jam. All Hell begins to break loose and the big question is GOD WHERE ARE YOU? Then we question if he really spoke to us and told us to do what we are doing. Lastly, we begin to look at every thing that is going wrong or could potentially go wrong, who;s not helping, the lack of finances, and support until we are at a point where we are hanging on to a string of hopelessness. Sighs.... NEWS FLASH... ALERT!!! Don't panic. IT IS ONLY A TEST!!! The Lord is with you never to leave or forsake you. He will never put more on you than you can bare!  And the most amazing thing about God is that whatever he has spoken IT HAS TO COME TO PASS! Patience  and Endurance is key!  So get ready to push through the traffic jam!!! If you look close enough, the Lord has opened a clear path up ahead! Get ready!!Your assignment awaits!

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