Margaret Green

The Purpose Coach

Called to Create, Chosen for  Change, Born to Build  

Conference Speaker, Prophetic preacher girl, mentor, coach, and spiritual advisor to many, Prophetess Margaret Green is a woman after God's heart, a lover of all people; she knows no stranger. She serves as a transparent, accurate prophetic voice who is commissioned by GOD  with an assignment to help heal, restore, deliver, build, activate, prophesy, and speak life into men and women globally with her message that “EVERYONE HAS A PURPOSE" regardless of their past story! She has a love and passion for helping to restore the broken and uniting the body of Christ in getting activated, stirred, and walking in their God-given purpose and calling!


Prophetess Green is featured on CBN the 700 Club, TBN, and other Christian Networks in several countries. She was also featured on The Willie Moore Jr. Show, Today's Purpose Woman Magazine, Woman 2 Woman Magazine, KISH Magazine, VOSS Magazine.


She is a teacher, preacher, evangelist, entrepreneur, blogger, and 5-time accomplished author and song-writer who travels unlocking and igniting fire and purpose. She teaches freedom through forgiveness, loves uniting, restoring, and building women in ministry through her explosive online Sister2Sister Nationwide Girl Talks.  Margaret is also the Co-Host of the Worldwide Radio broadcast “Tagged teamed by the Greens” with her Co-host, her amazing husband Prophet Jermaine Green! Prophetess Green is also a featured content creator and writer for the International Christian television network, GODTV  "Experiencing the Supernatural Through Forgiveness." "Who, What, and Why God?" and Purpose Is Calling You Above Water."



Prophetess Margaret Green was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Suffering through a life of abuse, suicide, homelessness, a lack of identity, and being supernaturally healed of two-life threatening illnesses leaving her with a 5% chance of life! Margaret's life is a true depiction of supernatural healing, the freedom of forgiveness, GOD's love, and the redemptive power of JESUS CHRIST!


Prophetess Margaret Green's powerful life-saving testimony has been featured on the world-wide Christian Broadcast Network CBN 700 Club, The Trinity Broadcasting Network  TBN, and many other major Christian Platforms.  Changing the lives of millions around the world.


When Margaret is not ministering, she is traveling doing author visits to elementary schools reading her newest children's book "Little Maggie Wears a Mask" empowering children to embrace their own creative uniqueness. Margaret also hosts free book writing camps for children ages 6-11. Helping over 150 children become young authors.





Prophetess Green is married to NBA Chicago Bulls Chaplain Prophet Jermaine Green also known as the "Wheel Chair Miracle Preacher". They share a full house of beautiful children. An awesome prophetic tag-team duo is known as "Tag Teamed By The Greens." They devout countless hours of counseling and ministering in helping to restore marriages, families, and individuals back to life through the love and power of Jesus Christ! 


They were both named 2018 Made Mogul's first-time awardee for Faith-based d programs that inspire and empower the community.  Also awarded a certificate by Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed of the 5th District for dedicating time, effort, motivation, and commitment toward making the community a better place to live, work and raise a family.














Her Story


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